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Steven Stone Reviews the Sampan FTL

Role Audio Sampan FTL

Many thanks to Steven Stone and for reviewing the Sampan FTL.

Among Steven Stone's comments:

"... the Sampan FTLs delivered a level of fidelity, finesse, and soundstage accuracy that approached what I've been hearing from my current desktop reference, the Audience 1+1 loudspeakers." (The Audience 1+1 retails for $1,800-$2,345.)

 "The Sampan FTLs' soundstage size was comparable with that of the Audience 1+1 loudspeakers, as was their dimensionality and imaging."

"...the Sampan FTL has a more bass energy and better power-handling capabilities." compared to Audience's The One  loudspeaker.

 "...the Sampan FTLs are good enough that I could easily use them for mixing or mastering."

Note that Steven Stone uses the ROle Audio  Kayak  as a reference speaker.

Note also that the Spatial M3 Turbo SE he refers to in his comments ("Even when coupled with a subwoofer, the Sampan FTLs lack some of the "meat and potatoes" lower midrange and upper bass weight when compared with my reference Spatial M3 Turbo SE loudspeakers.")  is a loudspeaker that combines a coaxial compression driver and dual 15-inch mid-woofers.

Steven Stone is a recording engineer so his comments are very much appreciated.

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