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The Enterprise bests two of the greatest speakers under $5,000

Our thanks to Terry London and for their comprehensive review of the Enterprise. The Enterprise (at $3,295/pair) best the PSB Imagine T2 at $3,498/pair and the Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand SE at $4,000/pair, two of the greatest speakers under $5,000.

Both the PSB T2 and the Vienna Mozart Grand SE are roughly twice the size of the Enterprise. Moreover, The PSB T2 has (3) 5.25 inch woofers. The Vienna Acoustics has (2) 6.5 inch woofers. The Enterprise has (2) 4.5 inch woofers.

Role Audio Enterprise,PSB T2,Vienna Grand Mozart

Terry found the Vienna Mozart Grand SE is similar to the Enterprise in the overall beauty of its tonality and color, but its bass is not as extended, as taut, or as accurate as the Enterprise's. And Vienna Mozart Grand SE doesn't produce the large, layered soundstage that the Enterprise renders both in height and width. He noted that the "PSB Imagine T2 has very good macro-dynamics, but its overall presentation is not as silky smooth/musical as the Enterprise."

Not only did the Enterprise outperform these two great speakers, as Terry noted, the petite Enterprise reproduced the height and size of images totally accurately. And, the Enterprise's macro-dynamics would compete with speakers twice its size, as well. Furthermore, Terry notes that, "The Enterprise will compete with speakers at least double their price and outperform much more expensive stand-mounted monitors both in soundstaging and bass extension."

Terry's review of the Enterprise highlights our great achievements producing compact loudspeakers that outperform loudspeakers twice their size from the standpoint of bass reproduction, soundstaging/imaging, and value.

The review is proof of the fruition of our different approach and our extensive pioneering research in transmission line technology. Our proprietary transmission line technology creates effortless dynamics and the bass extension of large floorstanding speakers in much smaller cabinet sizes, while producing the soundstaging/imaging of the greatest small two-way monitors.

Because of our pioneering Dual Transmission Line (DTL) technology, the Enterprise melds the magic and  the soundstaging/imaging of a great two-way small monitor with the dynamic grandeur of a large floor stander with a panache that perhaps only our Starship can surpass. This review of the Enterprise highlights the triumph of our DTL technology!

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